From the recording Beneath The Neon


the call came in
and left you speechless
drinking dead air down
month-long moments of thought
your plans fly high
and crash through your window
and nothing, nothing, nothing
made sense
and this was never gonna be easy

you caught your breath
outside the airport
never so happy to see the rain
you fell asleep beneath the neon
playing hide & seek with all your friends
and this was never gonna be easy

you sold your name
in search of another
staying up all night for weeks on end
you broke your fall
with a fist full of quarters
and nothing, nothing, nothing, made sense. and this was never gonna be easy

a high school funeral
a new-age dance
who the hell's gonna help you stand?
fifteen hours in the goddamn rain
do you really think she's the one?
murder your future
don't look back
this is it, this is it, this is it.
digging out of the same old hole,
this heart's just as young as it's ever been