From the recording Carolyna (November Lawns)


carolyna lost her shoes
stumbling home at ten past two
yeah, carolyna lost her shoes
now she's sleeping on the lawn with you

she lies so still and speaks so soft
she says "i hope one day i don't feel so lost"
then she throws your boots up in a tree
says come dance barefoot on the beach with me

then she grabs your hand and leads the way
down the hill towards the bay
and you never saw her shine so bright
as that lonesome late november night

she says "ever since i moved out west
you know i kinda always liked you best"
then she writes her secrets in the sand
and hides your eyes with both your hands
til the ocean waves wash away
all she is too scared to say

and you wish that you could help her see
all the things she won't believe
cause you never saw a smile so sad
as the one that carolyna had

carolyne i found your shoes
stumbling home at ten past two
yeah, carolyne i found your shoes
whatever happened to the rest of you?