I don't understand this suffering but there's no ego owning in sufferunderstanding either - And all the combined sounds one hummin gnoise - Cats yawn I'd like to yawn I'd like to not like and begone bechune & bejesus if what on earth & under heck & over shit we gonna do O hopeless ghosts?”

— Jack Kerouac, "Old Angel Midnight"

Newest Release...

We've polished up our old, sloppy country-waltz......

Please enjoy.

In Other News...

We have released our track "The Brilliant Nothingness Of Nighttime" into the world.

About the beautiful endlessness of the night.  
About reflecting & realizing. What you need & who you don't. 
About being alright with being sad. But only for a little while.
About getting back up when it feels impossible. Or hopeless. And useless. About fighting with yourself in some dark, disgusting, long-forgotten back-alley and winning. Because it's the only choice.  
About letting go of the future and looking forward from the present.

You can find it on iTunes, Spotify, AppleMusic, GooglePlay, Tidal, Amazon, and a few others as well.  Enjoy!

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Chaos Faerie Art & Music Festival: Clone w/ Catlow, Leonard Pennifold, and Hummingnoise.

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12788 235 St. , Maple Ridge, BC

Please join us as we celebrate the life of Tashanna DuCharme


Tasha was an Activist and a talented Artist, Film technician and friend. She'll be greatly missed by everyone who's lives she touched.

Clone will be paying tribute to this wonderful woman with a day of music as well as BBQ and fun for all ages.

We would like to raise awareness for depression/suicide.


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